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Caught in the Crossfire The Untold Story of Falluja
Shot from November 2004 to April 2005 inside the city of Falluja, Caught in the Crossfire details the conditions experienced by civilians as they endured the violent clashes and consequences of Operation Phantom Fury and became refugees outside the eyes and care of the international community.

Soldiers speak out
A new documentary about the courageous and patriotic anti-war and anti-occupation movement within the military and their families. Told in the words of veterans of America's wars. A tool for organizing, mobilizing and counter-recruitment.

Arlington West: the Film
Arlington West is a 56 minute film presenting a "temporary cemetery" in the sand, erected every Sunday by the Veterans For Peace in Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Oceanside and other locations. A flag draped coffin, and over 1500 wooden crosses, affectionately placed on the beach, invites the public to honor the unacknowledged fallen U.S. soldiers and laments the cost of the war.
Beyond Babylon: In seven minutes, this documentary short explores the true cost of war from 536 BC to the present day war in Iraq. Beyond Babylon’s blend of past and present moves from neighborhood anti-war protests on the very spot where D.W. Griffith filmed his silent epic, “Intolerance,” to the white crosses of Arlington West where a father mourns the death of his son in Iraq. War shatters families, leaving behind a wound that never heals.
Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure
20 years of US "war-on-drugs" in Colombia paid for by U.S. tax-payers. Still, more and more drugs and narco-dollars are entering the US every year. Is it a failure or a smokescreen by Washington to secure Colombia's oil & natural resources instead?
The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror
After a year-and-a-half investigation and a three-month trip to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, "THE OIL FACTOR" looks at both the human cost and the greater geo-strategic picture of George Bush's "war-on-terror". With solid facts & figures, maps and graphics and original footage shot on location, the doc features such personalities as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Noam Chomsky and more.
The Panama Deception
A riveting Academy Award-winning critique of the government's history of militarization, made all the more timely by the current war on terrorism. This is the untold story of the 1989 US invasion of Panama, the shocking events of the assault, the true motivation for the invasion and a look at how and why the mainstream media collaborated with the US government to censor information and deceive the American public.
  Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair
Behind the Iran Contra Affair The shadow government of assassins, arms dealers, drug smugglers, former CIA operatives and top US military personnel who were running foreign policy unaccountable to the public, revealing the Reagan/Bush administration's plan to use FEMA to institute martial law and ultimately suspend the Constitution. Strikingly relevant to current events.