Conception Media is a full-service digital production company specializing in documentary work and was established in March of 2002 by Director and Producer Mark Manning. During his diving career, Manning specialized in underwater filming. In March of 2002 he retired from the marine industry and founded ConceptionMedia, a film production company dedicated to social interest documentaries. His purpose now lies in filming stories about the aspects of life that fundamentally affect us all - but have limited or no means of exposure in our media today.

Free-Will Productions is a Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife team of independent documentary-filmmakers. Since 1995, Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy have specialized in stories involving primarily wars and human-right abuses resulting from wars. Gerard comes from a dual background as a military officer in the infantry and a print media journalist. Audrey studied motion picture directing after attending Paris' renown "Conservatoire des Arts Dramatiques" and then becoming a theater actress.
Free-Will Productions is proud to say that our only executive producer is our own public. Concerned groups and individuals from around the world have come to appreciate our thorough, on-the-ground investigations combining a wealth of interviews, footage and music that make our docs appealing to a wide audience.

The Empowerment Project produces and distributes its own documentary films and videos, and provides facilities, training and other support for independent producers, artists, activists and organizations working in video and other electronic media.

Its purpose is to work towards democratizing access to the media, and to provide the resources necessary to put the power of media in the hands of individuals and organizations working to further important social, political and artistic purposes.
Empowerment Project founder and Oscar®-winning documentarian, Barbara Trent, speaks at universities and other institutions throughout the country in an effort to help people become more critical consumers of the media and to shed new light on the social and political issues facing us today.
Asphalt Mirror Filmscarck digital patrol is the documentary/feature film division of Chris/Den Productions, a full-service Los Angeles-based video production company run by the husband and wife team Dennis Davis and Christie Davis. In addition to “Beyond Babylon” they are currently producing a feature-length documentary, “When The Cheering Stops: Voices of Female Gulf War Veterans” that explores these female soldiers’ experiences during the war and their current struggles with crippling Gulf War illnesses.
In addition, they are developing the feature film written by Christie Davis, ”Breach of Honor” (Nicholl Fellowships Quarter Finalist, Carl Sautter Semi-Finalist, The Writer’s Network Semi-Finalist, Sundance Institute Finalist), a war story/thriller about a veteran battling Gulf War illnesses and a hostile VA while stalked by unseen forces who will do anything to hide the war’s deadly secret.
It is the goal of Christie Davis and Dennis Davis to produce documentary and narrative feature films that reveal the true costs of war and encourage understanding, empathy and the need to act to care for our veterans and prevent future wars.
Laughing Tears Productions
Arlington West Film
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