is a source for the latest as well as the classic provocative, thoughtful, visionary independent documentary and other point of view films about important issues that are not being fully covered in the mainstream American media.
These films from small "grass-roots" independent filmmakers are varied and unique.

Some are well known Academy Award-winning films you can find at your local video store.
Others are lesser-known gems you may have to order from the filmmakers themselves (don't worry it's easy, fun and we'll tell you how to find them!). Some are more educational, other more motivational. Many are a mix. Some are gritty exposÚs. Others are deeply moving artistic pieces. Some are feature length in-depth explorations. Others are short subjects that either introduce a subject, or examine with a more focused view. Some are well suited to be viewed in conjunction with other films. Many are ideal for group "discussion starters" as part of a salon or house party. Others are more of a complete evening's experience unto themselves. is the brainchild of filmmaker, activist Barbara Trent and is run as a not-for-profit collective by the independent filmmakers themselves.


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